The Auburn Haired Magician (valca85) wrote,
The Auburn Haired Magician

Help for a Good Cause

Hey everyone, if I could just have a minute of your time.
I have recently put together a petition to stop rattlesnake roundups in Sweetwater, Texas and I am in need of signatures. If you would just take a second and hop over to it would truly help.
A little about the roundups: every year, while the rattlesnakes are hibernating, Texans gas their dens to drive them out and capture them. They take them to convention centers and are tortured, skinned and fried for the people who are watching. It's a whole day of "festivities" with a Rattlesnake Queen crowned, while slaughter goes on behind her. None of the rattlesnakes who enter the centers leave with their lives. Please help stop this massacre which not only puts a strain on the food chain by getting rid of an apex predator, but is also an incredibly cruel act against animals.

Thanks for reading.

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